Piotr Skitał, Ph.D.

Tel. (48) (17) 865 17 60, e-mail: pskital@prz.edu.pl




Job record

2000 - 2008 – assistant at FC RUT

2008 - now – research associate at FC RUT


Teaching experience

General and analytical chemistry for biology students

General chemistry for non-chemists

Electrochemical methods in organic chemistry

Organic electrosynthesis

Ecological and ethical aspects of chemical production/Environment Chemistry

Computer programming packets

Mathematics – operators

Materials and corrosion protection


Area of interest

Kinetics of electrode processes


Electrochemistry of organic compounds

Modelling of complex electrode processes

Electrocatalysis and electroinhibition


Environmental chemistry; heavy metals and persistent organic compounds pollution


Research Grants

1. Grant KBN no 3 T09A 099 27, " Modelling of complex electrode processes and diversity of electrode transfer coefficient”, 2004-2006, P. Sanecki, K. Kaczmarski, P. Skitał.

2. Grant MNiSW no 1941/B/H03/2007/33, "The mathematical modeling and investigation of electrode processes of selected metals deposition/dissolution and hydrogen sorption/desorption", 2007-2009, Sanecki P., Kaczmarski K., Skitał P.


Chapter of book

1. P. Sanecki and P. Skitał (2012). Mathematical Modeling of Electrode Processes – Potential Dependent Transfer Coefficient in Electrochemical Kinetics, Recent Trend in Electrochemical Science and Technology, Ujjal Kumar Sur (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-830-4, InTech. (Download from publisher INTECH or RUT).

2. P. Skitał, P. Sanecki (2012). Quantitative Separation of an Adsorption Effect in Form of Defined Current Probabilistic Responses for Catalyzed / Inhibited Electrode Processes. In: DEVELOPMENTS IN ELECTROCHEMISTRY, Jang H. Chun (Ed.), InTech, ISBN: 978-953-51-0851-1. (Dostępne ze strony wydawcy INTECH).



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