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Course: Chemical Technology (full-time and extramural studies)

   The skills acquired during the course equip the students to enter the organic and petrochemical industries and engage in a variety of industrial activities, that is, production, processing and application of polymers, rubber, paint and varnish, and pharmaceutical synthesis. The graduates can work in industrial engineering where chemistry and environmental issues need solving with the aid of computer modelling. English classes and computer science seminars are compulsory. Certain seminars for senior students are in English.

Course: Materials Engineering (full-time studies)

The graduates gain extensive knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of solids, thermodynamics, technological processes, mechanics and material endurance. This knowledge, as well as an understanding of the basics of production and processing technology of the three material classifications (organic, ceramic and metallic), will enable the graduates to work anywhere research expertise – as well as an understanding of treatment, utilization and material design are required. They possess a wide range of knowledge and skills required by architects, scientists, and the constrution industry. The course enhances their employment prospects due to the growth in national demand for specialists in this field.

Doctoral Studies

   The Faculty cooperates with the International School for Post-Graduate Studies. Seminars are conducted in the Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, PAS in Kraków. The Faculty at Kraków Univ. of Technology is another partner in the University’s research. PhD students from the University carry out supervised portions of their research in Faculty labs. PhD students attend weekly lectures and seminars given by the Professors of the Institute. All PhD candidates are obliged to conduct seminars for Faculty undergrads.

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