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 Research work 

  • Studies and theoretical model of metal-electrolyte solution interface
  • Mono- and poly-nuclear complexes of transitory metal ions as catalysts and artificial restriction endonucleases
  • Catalysis of oxygen atom transfer, structure-reactivity correlation based on computational methods
  • Some new inorganic materials with unique optical and electromagnetic properties
  • Speciation of metal ions in natural environments
  • Extraction equilibria in two- and three-phase systems
  • Modelling of polimerization process, liquid crystalline materials, immobilized catalysts, methods of ceramic materials modelling
  • Polymer ceramic nanocomposites
  • Synthesis and processing of resins and moulding compositions, thermoresistant polymers, reactive dissolvents of azaheterocyclic monomers
  • Polyuterans, biodegradable polymers, polymer recycling, polymeric nanocomposites
  • Biological models for genome research, protein expression and posttranslational protein modification (on C. elegans model), medical diagnosis based on molecular biology methods
  • Data mining systems, E-learning, implementation of artificial intelligence methods in computer-aided systems for chemical research
  • Heat and mass exchange, optimisation of heat and mass exchange systems, processes in chemical apparatus, separation and plurification techniques; adsorption, chromatography
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